2013 Goals

My big goal last year was to complete a Half Marathon. I did it. Not entirely as gracefully or quickly as I had hoped.  But, I did it.  One of the things I experienced in the training for that race was a disappointment that after months and months of training, there was only the occasion to 'use' that strength once. This year, I am going for three Half Marathons within 90 days so I can qualify to be a HALF MARATHON FANATIC.

Also, I need to ride my bike more. It assists in hip strengthening. So, I am adding Duathlons to my goal for this year.


  • Resolution Run 5K with a pace faster than 12:15 DONE! 10:35 pace.
  • Finish the Cherry Blossom Duathlon - April 14th
  • Weigh 158 by April 24
  • Finish the Hippie Chick Half Marathon - May 11
  • Rum Run 10K without walking the hill - May 26
  • Finish the Vancouver USA Half Marathon - June 16
  • Finish the Suavie Island Foot Traffic Half Marathon - July 4th
  • Become a Member of the Half Marathon Fanatics - July 4th
  • Weigh 154 by July 4th
  • Finish the Girlfriends and Dudes Duathlon - July 21
  • Hike up Pup Creek Falls
  • Run a 5K at a pace of 10:09 or faster
  • Run a 10K at a pace of 11:18 or faster
  • Run a Half Marathon at an official pace of 12:41 or faster
  • Get my body fat percentage to 31%
  • Ride my bike 500 miles
  • Run at least 602 miles

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