Friday, August 31, 2012

Back on the road

Today is the 8th day since I pulled my hamstring doing hill repeats. I ventured out today with the goal of a long run, and with the understanding that if my hamstring felt iffy in any way that I would stop immediately.

The morning weather was AMAZING. Clear with scattered white clouds, cool breeze on a 60 degree temp. Lovely. It didn't take long for me to realize it was HUMID AS HECK though!! How on heck it was 79% humid without a cloud cover is a mystery to me but I was a sweatier mess than usual and that says a LOT.

The first mile was rough as I think my legs forgot how to move on asphalt. And well, that humid thing wasn't much help. But once I hit the first mile or so it went very well through the 4.2 mile mark which was shortly after my turnaround to head home.

I was running on a main road that had no bike lane, and had heavy traffic. This put me on a sidewalk running against oncoming traffic. As I approached an exit from a store, I saw a big green truck waiting to exit into oncoming traffic. I was wearing a BRILLIANT dayglow orange singlet and had assumed he had seen me. As I crossed infront of him he started gunning it to beat traffic. I screamed the F word at the top of my lungs while making a mid-air twist and cruddy landing then dodge out of his way. Even though his window was up, he HEARD my yell and THEN he saw me. He looked apologetic.

But the damage was done. A quarter of a mile from there my knee felt twisted, bruised and sore as heck. The next 3.75 miles was horrid. My prior quarter mile pace averages of between 9:30 and 10:20 suddenly took a nose dive as I had to slog, and race walk, and on occasion stop and stretch. I was so frustrated I wanted to cry. But first, I wanted to finish my run and just get home to ice it.

My average pace when all was said and done (including stopping and walking) was 12:48 for 8.2 miles.  Looking back at that I am now not feeling TOO bad about the pace as that is still FASTER than my 3 mile Jingle Bell Race pace. Have I really come THAT far? Wow. I am glad I didn't let myself quit. :)

I went to my PT guy a few hours later. He stretched my legs, massaged them and worked his magic. I love that post-PT feeling. Aaaaaah. Happy legs.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sports Doctor took me "Off The Road" for a week

Last week I ran 21+ miles. That included a day with some cadence work and hill repeats up a hill that is over .3 miles long. Since the day of hill repeats, I have been having pain in my left lower glute area.

A few days later I ran 5 miles without incident, but it was a flat run on a treadmill because I wanted to stay away from hills a little longer.

Today, five days after it started, it was still hurting no less than it was over the weekend so I called the Sports Doctor and got to take a cancellation appointment.

Sports doctor said it isn't the glute, but the hamstring. That explains why it radiates down the back of the leg at times. He wanted to know why I am running 11 miles on my long run if I am training for a Half Marathon that isn't until October. I explained 11 miles was LAST week. This week I am scheduled to run 12 miles. His jaw dropped.

He said I shouldn't be running more than 10 at this time. He then asked about intervals. I said that is Wednesday's. He asked, "Like run 2 miles and walk one?". No. Run three 800's at 90% with a 45 second break between each. "Are you KIDDING me?" so I showed him my plan. He then saw the two 400's at 95% that I am scheduled to close up the workout with. He said, "No. Absolutely NOT."

Sports Doctor said my plan is "too much" and I am being 'over trained'. He wants me "OFF THE ROAD" for a week with only cycling and swimming allowed. I asked if I could sneak in some light treadmill work. He said he would rather I didn't, but reluctantly said that if flat, easy and I promise to stop with ANY indication of pull or sprain 'one or two' miles. Also, he wants me to NOT follow that plan any longer. Cut it back. In half if need be. He said to look for something else. Something that is designed more for a 50 year old woman who was just running for a year and less than for a 20 something year old runner competing for race purses.

He suggested PT, motrin, rest, ice/warmth, and then he told me that if he was my coach, he would cut me down to standard triathlons with 10K runs at the end. He really recommended I make that my new goal.  He suggested it will reduce my injury issues and strengthen me at the same time.

I am considering it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What A Difference a Year Makes

A year ago today: I ran a whole mile. In fifteen minutes. Indoors, in front of a window AC unit, on a nice bouncy treadmill.  I described it as "pure hell".

Today: I ran 11 miles, outdoors. In 2 hours 10 minutes and 06 seconds. In the humidity.

I had planned on just ten, but had a little boost at 9 miles from some Shot Bloks I ate so when I hit ten miles, I kept going. However, at around 10.5 miles my hamstrings, right knee, and calves began giving me grief. I used the mantra from this poster to keep going, knowing that if the pain ever became enough to alter my gait (not just slow it) I would stop. Luckily, the pain didn't get to that point and I was able to finish the full eleven miles. YAY!!!

At the end of the run, all I wanted to do was rip off the CEP compression calve sleeves and pull the compression short cuffs down below my knee. It felt so good doing that. I loved the support I got during the run, and my IT band didn't hurt during the run, but I do suspect my sleeves are too small. I was on the middle in sizing and my compression socks are a size larger. I will try them instead next time.

Random thoughts while running:

  • I wonder if I will get in trouble if I run down that private industry alley and take a photo of that switching engine sitting on the tracks. 
  • I should have clipped my toenails.
  • Why am I running with a headache? Couldn't this have waited another day?
  • I love iHeart radio CLASSIC ROCK station
  • Do people in these condos hate all us runners passing their windows?
  • YAY! Bathroom!
  • Why is that man sitting in his car parked in front of the women's bathroom?
  • I hate out-and-back repeats - this is my 4th time on this ugly section of trail.
  • I love out-and-back repeats - I get to see the jetty view twice!
  • I need more hills. (YES!!! I actually thought that!!!!)
  • YAY!! Another open bathroom!
  • Did I shave my legs last night?

Here are a few shots from my run today.

Ran along this stretch of sand for quite a while. 
The water was very low today.

The jetty! My favorite part of this trail. 
I stopped here to take the gravel and rocks out of my shoes.

I always liked this part of the trail. 

This is me at the 11th mile back at Marine Park ;)

Total RUNNING Time (less bathroom and shoe rock emptying stops): 2 hours 10 minutes and 06 seconds.
Average RUNNING pace: 11:50 minutes per mile
Average pace including four bathroom stops and one shoe rock/stop: 13:00 minutes per mile
Weather: started at 64 degrees and 83 % humid (SWAMP!!) and ended at 73 degrees and 48% humid
Average HR: 160
Max HR: 170
Average cadence: 160
Max cadence: 170
Weight: 158