Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What A Difference a Year Makes

A year ago today: I ran a whole mile. In fifteen minutes. Indoors, in front of a window AC unit, on a nice bouncy treadmill.  I described it as "pure hell".

Today: I ran 11 miles, outdoors. In 2 hours 10 minutes and 06 seconds. In the humidity.

I had planned on just ten, but had a little boost at 9 miles from some Shot Bloks I ate so when I hit ten miles, I kept going. However, at around 10.5 miles my hamstrings, right knee, and calves began giving me grief. I used the mantra from this poster to keep going, knowing that if the pain ever became enough to alter my gait (not just slow it) I would stop. Luckily, the pain didn't get to that point and I was able to finish the full eleven miles. YAY!!!

At the end of the run, all I wanted to do was rip off the CEP compression calve sleeves and pull the compression short cuffs down below my knee. It felt so good doing that. I loved the support I got during the run, and my IT band didn't hurt during the run, but I do suspect my sleeves are too small. I was on the middle in sizing and my compression socks are a size larger. I will try them instead next time.

Random thoughts while running:

  • I wonder if I will get in trouble if I run down that private industry alley and take a photo of that switching engine sitting on the tracks. 
  • I should have clipped my toenails.
  • Why am I running with a headache? Couldn't this have waited another day?
  • I love iHeart radio CLASSIC ROCK station
  • Do people in these condos hate all us runners passing their windows?
  • YAY! Bathroom!
  • Why is that man sitting in his car parked in front of the women's bathroom?
  • I hate out-and-back repeats - this is my 4th time on this ugly section of trail.
  • I love out-and-back repeats - I get to see the jetty view twice!
  • I need more hills. (YES!!! I actually thought that!!!!)
  • YAY!! Another open bathroom!
  • Did I shave my legs last night?

Here are a few shots from my run today.

Ran along this stretch of sand for quite a while. 
The water was very low today.

The jetty! My favorite part of this trail. 
I stopped here to take the gravel and rocks out of my shoes.

I always liked this part of the trail. 

This is me at the 11th mile back at Marine Park ;)

Total RUNNING Time (less bathroom and shoe rock emptying stops): 2 hours 10 minutes and 06 seconds.
Average RUNNING pace: 11:50 minutes per mile
Average pace including four bathroom stops and one shoe rock/stop: 13:00 minutes per mile
Weather: started at 64 degrees and 83 % humid (SWAMP!!) and ended at 73 degrees and 48% humid
Average HR: 160
Max HR: 170
Average cadence: 160
Max cadence: 170
Weight: 158


  1. I LOVE random thoughts section!!!! How did you remember them? I always have those, then forget what they were when I get the time to blog. Man parked out in front of womens restroom (creepy). The trail repeat was FUNNY! I literally LOLed. That pic with the trees and the clouds AWESOME! And congratulations on your improvement! You should be featured in Women's running!

  2. Jolene, I had over 2 hours of thinking and I was bummed I forgot so many more. The guy WAS creepy but COULD have been totally harmless. I didn't take a chance. When I ran up to the bathroom and saw him in his car. we made eye contact. He waved at me. I waved back and did a u-turn. Maybe he had a wife who was in there. I don't know. But as a lone runner in a wooded part of the park, I suddenly didn't have to go and could hold it to the next stop.

    As a note - I remembered this morning that the thought about shaving my legs was when I was wondering what the paramedics would find if I collapsed. ;)