Thursday, October 27, 2011

Parrot Crossing!

I was running a decent run on the treadmill tonight. However, after only 32 minutes into the run I had to stop.

One of our two parrots had jumped down off her cage, walked past the two dogs and one cat, possibly even OVER them since the two dogs had been laying there at the dog gate staring at me as I ran. She came into the den and right up to my treadmill.

Oh well. Glad she was safe. Got a decent run in albeit it was shorter than planned.

Alternated my normal pace for 4 minutes with all-get-out 1 minute sprints. Rinse-lather-repeat.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Again - Ricky Martin to the Rescue

I normally take a day off between runs but I went for an easy 30 minutes anyways. Fortunately, it was easier than yesterday. Although it was a little rough between 12 and 27 minutes it wasn't at all painful or uncomfortable. Just tiring. Then at 27 minutes Ricky Martin's ALE ALE ALE song came on.

As corny as it is, there is something about the lyrics and the beat that really fire me up.

Although the goal was surviving 30 minutes, I ran 45 minutes. I like that.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pushing Through

Pushing through discomfort and fighting the couch has been the biggest battle since I overdid it on the 10th. Hard to believe that was almost two weeks ago. Losing a week after really set me back.

My Turkey Trot walk/jog is just 31 days and 23 hours from now. Luckily, it is more walking than running according to the girls I will be with. They said that the path along the river is very narrow through woods and 1,000 others will be running up and back on it. All at once.

The Jingle Bell 5K run is 41 days and 22 hours from now. It is a run through the streets of Portland.

A coworker told me to just focus on strong 30 minute runs for now. The adrenaline of the actual 5K will push me through it all.

Who am I to argue? 30 minutes today. Slow pace, but stronger than two days ago.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's like starting over

I had over a week since my last nonstop run of a mile or more. It was really difficult. Also, my right upper leg/hip flexor is still feeling last weeks 75 minute run. I was so stupid.

Today, I ran 30 minutes non-stop (at an easy pace) and from the 22 minute mark onward, it was AWFUL.

Time is running out and I don't feel very optimistic about the December 5K right now.

Today: 30 minutes nonstop running + 3 one miles walks during work breaks = 665 calories

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 days break

I hadn't run since last Thursday. It was making me nuts. Especially since the 5K is looming so closely. But with a treadmill that is not working on inclines, a serviceman who hasn't called back yet (GRRRRRRR!), and not having the time alone while actually awake and feeling well, it just hasn't happened.

Tonight, even though everyone was home, I did a light workout anyways.

I did intervals of walking between intervals of 5mph and 6mph sprints. It HURT. I can't believe how hard it is after a break of just 5 days.

Total calories burned = 600.

300 on the treadmill + 300 at work (walking three miles during breaks)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Overdid it Monday

Still feeling some of the ramifications of my 75 minute run Monday. Today I just ran really hard for a mile (took another 16 seconds off my best treadmill mile time) and did walking and ifit stuff.

I will NOT be running 75 minute runs again until I lose at least another 19 pounds. My body let me know the last four days that was a mistake. I am adjusting my song list for Monday's accordingly. ;)


  • Walked during breaks: 2.5 miles
  • Mile Run: 11 min 16 seconds (awfully hard to do today)
  • iFit powerwalk: Max incline 7% and max speed 3.3mph for 30 minutes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blaming it on Ricky Martin

Today is my 'long run' day so I was determined to do 45 minutes. I felt strong at first and felt like I could have gone faster but knowing it was early, decided to stay the pace. At 45 minutes I was going to stop except I felt 'okay' and a good song came on - Ricky Martin's "Ole Ole Ole".

"Now is the time, don't ever stop
Push it along, gotta be strong
Push it along, right to the top
The feeling in your soul is gonna take control
Nothing can hold you back if you really want it!"

Well, I wanted it. I was singing at the top of my lungs, fist pumping and then the runners high kicked in FULL force at 57 minutes. Couldn't stop then at 60. Nope. Wasn't happening.

I was at 71 minutes when the music playlist ended. Somehow....that took away my mojo. I was exhausted. I hurt. I didn't want to stop then because that wasn't a number divisible by 5 (don't ask - I can't explain it) so I pushed through the last 4 minutes without music. Each ten seconds felt like an hour. But I did it.

Total run time NON-STOP = 75 minutes. important.

Headphones aren't allowed at 5K's.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

I. Hate. Mornings.

Really. I need to get over this. Most 5Ks are in the morning. But man oh man...Sunday morning workouts are always the pits.

Did hard intervals today. Really pushed myself and did faster/longer intervals but it is those minute walks in between that depress me. I wish I could run my normal pace AND do those mad crazy all out sprints.

Todays drill:
  • walk 1 minute
  • run for 2 minutes (1 mph faster than my normal pace )
  • walk 1 minute
  • run the fastest I can 1 minute (2 mph faster than my normal pace)
Over and over for 30 minutes.

I don't know what I hated most...the 2 minutes running faster than my norm or the 1 minute pushing death. ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Since my last workout was endurance (60 minutes non-stop) today's goal was speed. Could I beat my mile time?

Yup!!! Mind you, my treadmill time shows much slower than my actual track time. Here are some gains I have made on the treadmill in six weeks:

Aug 25th: 1 mile = 15 minutes "hard"
Sep 11th: 1 mile = 12 minutes 34 seconds
Oct 6th: 1 mile = 11 minutes 32 seconds

Goal: 9 minute miles

Total workouts today:
  • 2 miles during breaks at work
  • 1.46 miles (up hill/down hill) walking home from the auto shop
  • 1 mile speed test
  • 1/3rd of a mile cool down

Monday, October 3, 2011

60 minute run NON-STOP

WOW! What happened? I was planning on making myself stick it out for 45 minutes and it was a miserable first 10 minutes that didn't get much easier as I warmed up. In fact, my right shoulder started throbbing at 15 minutes.

Still, I was determined to just make it to 45.

Struggling, I made it less than gracefully through 43 minutes. Then a song came on. But not just any song. I was going to play a friends playlist tonight but decided to go with the highest octane list I could find instead and save his for Wednesday's workout. So knowing tonight was a rough one, I chose an 80's playlist some stranger made and right at 43 minutes came - "She's a Maniac" from Flashdance. And oh my! POWER-SURGE! Adrenaline rush. Runner's High!! WOOHOO!! Fist pumping even.

It didn't get hard again until the 56:30 minutes and it hit fast and it hit heavy. But by then, I was committed. I mean, you don't just run 56:30 and stop when 60 minutes is just 3.5 minutes away, do you??


So I did it. And guess what. Girls sweat. They really do. And old fluffy women carrying an extra 25 pounds AND enduring hot flashes do, too. But, that is okay. Right?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Problem With Mornings

.....Is they are so early. I just don't 'get' those people who prefer running in the morning to running in the last afternoon. Seriously.

Due to my schedule, if I don't cram a run in on Sunday mornings it will be a four day lapse between the Thursday and Monday night workouts. That is way too long (I am already bummed I don't have every other day as recommended) so I make myself get going and it is not fun.

At least it is practice for those blasted event organizers who set 5k's in the mornings. Thank goodness for those dear souls that set them at night (like the firefly run, the moonlight madness run, etc).

Workout today was weak: 30 minutes of running with one 3 minute walk in the midst and a fast and furious last quarter mile as my self-inflicted punishment. Followed by a 5 minute walk.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


George just went to work. It is too late for me to work out now as I would be up for HOURS after. Restless leg is bad enough after running right after work, let alone the equivalent of 2 hours after. Running every other day (optimal) is just not possible.

Tomorrow morning I will have to catch up and then again, Monday night.

So - this is what my weekly running schedule is proving to be:

Sunday mornings: before noon
Monday nights: right after work
Thursday nights: right after work

So in reverse, the days it is harder to is Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday. That is two sets of two consecutive days a week. In other words, after Monday night, there is NOTHING for 72 hours. Same thing after Thursday. Nothing until the 3rd day then it is two days back to back. No wonder I am having a hard time finding a consistent groove.

So realistically, I get two nights a week and one morning to run with my music cranked loud enough to make the floors hum. Hoping tomorrow morning is a good one as I just signed up for another 5k here in my area.

Also, hoping for much cooler but dry afternoons so I can run after work on the way home - before it is to dark at the high school to do so.