Saturday, October 1, 2011


George just went to work. It is too late for me to work out now as I would be up for HOURS after. Restless leg is bad enough after running right after work, let alone the equivalent of 2 hours after. Running every other day (optimal) is just not possible.

Tomorrow morning I will have to catch up and then again, Monday night.

So - this is what my weekly running schedule is proving to be:

Sunday mornings: before noon
Monday nights: right after work
Thursday nights: right after work

So in reverse, the days it is harder to is Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday. That is two sets of two consecutive days a week. In other words, after Monday night, there is NOTHING for 72 hours. Same thing after Thursday. Nothing until the 3rd day then it is two days back to back. No wonder I am having a hard time finding a consistent groove.

So realistically, I get two nights a week and one morning to run with my music cranked loud enough to make the floors hum. Hoping tomorrow morning is a good one as I just signed up for another 5k here in my area.

Also, hoping for much cooler but dry afternoons so I can run after work on the way home - before it is to dark at the high school to do so.

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