Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pushing Through

Pushing through discomfort and fighting the couch has been the biggest battle since I overdid it on the 10th. Hard to believe that was almost two weeks ago. Losing a week after really set me back.

My Turkey Trot walk/jog is just 31 days and 23 hours from now. Luckily, it is more walking than running according to the girls I will be with. They said that the path along the river is very narrow through woods and 1,000 others will be running up and back on it. All at once.

The Jingle Bell 5K run is 41 days and 22 hours from now. It is a run through the streets of Portland.

A coworker told me to just focus on strong 30 minute runs for now. The adrenaline of the actual 5K will push me through it all.

Who am I to argue? 30 minutes today. Slow pace, but stronger than two days ago.

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