Monday, October 3, 2011

60 minute run NON-STOP

WOW! What happened? I was planning on making myself stick it out for 45 minutes and it was a miserable first 10 minutes that didn't get much easier as I warmed up. In fact, my right shoulder started throbbing at 15 minutes.

Still, I was determined to just make it to 45.

Struggling, I made it less than gracefully through 43 minutes. Then a song came on. But not just any song. I was going to play a friends playlist tonight but decided to go with the highest octane list I could find instead and save his for Wednesday's workout. So knowing tonight was a rough one, I chose an 80's playlist some stranger made and right at 43 minutes came - "She's a Maniac" from Flashdance. And oh my! POWER-SURGE! Adrenaline rush. Runner's High!! WOOHOO!! Fist pumping even.

It didn't get hard again until the 56:30 minutes and it hit fast and it hit heavy. But by then, I was committed. I mean, you don't just run 56:30 and stop when 60 minutes is just 3.5 minutes away, do you??


So I did it. And guess what. Girls sweat. They really do. And old fluffy women carrying an extra 25 pounds AND enduring hot flashes do, too. But, that is okay. Right?

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