Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Problem With Mornings

.....Is they are so early. I just don't 'get' those people who prefer running in the morning to running in the last afternoon. Seriously.

Due to my schedule, if I don't cram a run in on Sunday mornings it will be a four day lapse between the Thursday and Monday night workouts. That is way too long (I am already bummed I don't have every other day as recommended) so I make myself get going and it is not fun.

At least it is practice for those blasted event organizers who set 5k's in the mornings. Thank goodness for those dear souls that set them at night (like the firefly run, the moonlight madness run, etc).

Workout today was weak: 30 minutes of running with one 3 minute walk in the midst and a fast and furious last quarter mile as my self-inflicted punishment. Followed by a 5 minute walk.

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