Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sports Doctor took me "Off The Road" for a week

Last week I ran 21+ miles. That included a day with some cadence work and hill repeats up a hill that is over .3 miles long. Since the day of hill repeats, I have been having pain in my left lower glute area.

A few days later I ran 5 miles without incident, but it was a flat run on a treadmill because I wanted to stay away from hills a little longer.

Today, five days after it started, it was still hurting no less than it was over the weekend so I called the Sports Doctor and got to take a cancellation appointment.

Sports doctor said it isn't the glute, but the hamstring. That explains why it radiates down the back of the leg at times. He wanted to know why I am running 11 miles on my long run if I am training for a Half Marathon that isn't until October. I explained 11 miles was LAST week. This week I am scheduled to run 12 miles. His jaw dropped.

He said I shouldn't be running more than 10 at this time. He then asked about intervals. I said that is Wednesday's. He asked, "Like run 2 miles and walk one?". No. Run three 800's at 90% with a 45 second break between each. "Are you KIDDING me?" so I showed him my plan. He then saw the two 400's at 95% that I am scheduled to close up the workout with. He said, "No. Absolutely NOT."

Sports Doctor said my plan is "too much" and I am being 'over trained'. He wants me "OFF THE ROAD" for a week with only cycling and swimming allowed. I asked if I could sneak in some light treadmill work. He said he would rather I didn't, but reluctantly said that if flat, easy and I promise to stop with ANY indication of pull or sprain 'one or two' miles. Also, he wants me to NOT follow that plan any longer. Cut it back. In half if need be. He said to look for something else. Something that is designed more for a 50 year old woman who was just running for a year and less than for a 20 something year old runner competing for race purses.

He suggested PT, motrin, rest, ice/warmth, and then he told me that if he was my coach, he would cut me down to standard triathlons with 10K runs at the end. He really recommended I make that my new goal.  He suggested it will reduce my injury issues and strengthen me at the same time.

I am considering it.

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