Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Getting Hot Out There

I started running last August....indoors.....3 feet in front of a window cooler.

This is my first summer running in the Pacific Northwest muggy heat. And I am a wimp. Next weekend I am going to weigh myself before I get dressed, measure my fluids-to-go and then compare the weights/measurements when I get back. I suspect I am losing more than an average amount of sweat when I run. Today my hat and all my clothing were drenched at the half way mark of 3 miles. I drank over a liter of fluids in my 6 mile run and drank another liter after. It was very challenging for me and I really wasn't pleased with how slow I was going trying to keep my heart rate down.

The trail I ran is BEAUTIFUL. Literally, one of the prettiest trails around! But, it has always felt the muggiest to me as we run down the ravine along ponds and a large creek. Today, bugs were splatting against my face and sticking to it. It really isn't my favorite as it doesn't seem to get the airflow I get on the others.

So why run it?

Easy answer: It is the only trail I know of with bathroom facilities every 3 miles!!!!

If they ever reopen the Renascence Trails' bathrooms, it will be the ONLY place I run my long runs. But, the city isn't going to be doing that any time soon. Such a shame.

Coach says I have to run 9 miles next Saturday. He hasn't assigned more than 7 yet. I guess we are going to just skip 8 miles? IN THIS SUMMER MUGGINESS???

My confidence level is at an all time low. I have my half marathon in 13 weeks. Eight of those weeks will be summer months. I need to figure out how to replenish electrolytes while running without creating runner's trots.

Here we go.

Weight: 160.8
Distance: 6.0 miles
Running time (not including bathroom breaks): 1 hour 10 minutes 20 seconds.
Temps: 75 degrees and 63 % humidity (I swear it was higher in the ravine along the water)

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