Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm Coming Baaaaack!!!!

I followed my eye doctors recommendation and resigned from my dream job this morning.  I have double vision and esophoria and it is aggravated with long hours, fatigue or stress.

  • I averaged 60 to 70 hours per week (excepting when marked off)
  • My work days were up to 11 hours 6 minutes long at times.
  • I was sometimes working until 1:30 am, after waking at 6am that morning.
  • Some of the jobs I worked were 3 day shifts that played havoc on sleep schedules

This all resulted in my eye sight degrading.

At times, my vision was sharp even when the glasses were clean. But at others, it was as if I were looking through glasses that had a thick layer of vaseline even though they were spotless. It wasn't safe to continue working in the railroad like that. Too many hours + esophoria = bad vision. 

The PLUS side of my resignation is that I get to start a running program again

With all those hours I was working the last six months, it was getting harder and harder to run. Today I put in applications for work everywhere, hoping I get 20-40 hours a week with a good company and I look forward to hitting the road tomorrow morning.

I need to.

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