Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: A year of BIG Dreams and HUGE setbacks

In 2012, I met 7 of my 10 goals.

In 2013, I met 2 of my 17 goals.

The difference was my career change. And what a change it was!!! I went from a Monday-Friday 40 hour job in an office cubicle, to a 60-73 hours a week job as a railroad conductor.

I worked that job March through September and had to cancel most of my races. A few were kind enough to transfer my registration to 2014 races. After that I had been diagnosed with a large complex cyst and told to NOT RUN for 4 weeks. That didn't help either.

I gained 10 pounds since last New Years, and a total of17 pounds since my Half Marathon in October 2012 (14 months ago).

But - this year was the most rewarding year career wise, I have ever had. Even though I had to quit due to medical limitations, and suffered depression for months after, I would still do it all over again. I loved every day I worked on the railroad and that is NOT an exageration. There were days I was tired, and even a bit stressed. But I still smiled EVERY day at work. Not many people can say they ever had a job like that.

I will regain my fitness. It's all good.

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