Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Was A Good Year

2012 was a busy year. I learned and experienced a lot of neat things. I learned words I had never heard before and I did things I had only ever dreamed of doing.

  • Fartleks (speed bursts/intervals in a run)
  • 800’s (an interval of 2 laps around a track)
  •  IT band (that awful hindrance on the outer leg that causes knee pain)
  • Graston (very painful but rewarding physical therapy massage)
  • DOMS (aka Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – pain 2 days after a run)
  • Snot Rocket (how to blow your nose while running without tissue)
  • Periformis Syndrome (a real pain in the ass)
  • Meniscus


·            01/01/2012: Randy Earhardt Memorial Run (sunrise) – 5K
·         01/08/2012: Resolution Run – 5K
·         03/18/2012: Shamrock Run – 5K
·         05/27/2012: Rum Run – 10K
·         06/10/2012: Run Like A Girl – 5K
·         06/23/2012: Solstice Run – 6 miles
·         07/22/2012: Harvest Days – 8K
·         08/19/2012: Every Girls – 5K
·         09/29/2012: Color Run – 5K
·         10/14/2012: Girlfriends – Half Marathon
       11/17/12: Chicks Psuedo Fat Ass Relay - 4.3K *
·         11/25/2012: Hot Buttered Run – 15K
*      * I was signed up to run a full leg but due to injury, I ran a partial leg and drove a relay van.

  • Vancouver USA Marathon 
  • Every Girls Half Marathon
  • North County Wine Run
  • Girlfriends Half Marathon (day prior to the race)


1: Complete the Get Fit Live Fit 20 Week Course. Not only did I finish it, I signed up for and completed the summer course as well!

2:  Weigh 169 by Valentine’s Day. Done!

3:  Run a 5K with a sub 11 pace. Done!

4: Run a 10K race.  Done! 

5:  To run at least 50% of the Girlfriends Half Marathon: Done!  Ran most of it and due to injury had to race-walk just under a quarter mile of it.

6:   Lose enough inches in my hips to fit into a Woman’s Brooks Running Jacket. Done!

7:  Run 500 Miles. Done! I ran 601.35 miles. 


Running in 2012 kept me sane during some very crazy and challenging times.

But it was sometimes an added stressor in itself.  My ultimate goal for the year was the Half Marathon. I had run a beautiful and fast 12 miler just two weeks prior and then on race day I struggled in pain from mile 5 on just to finish it. That was both a source of pride, and disappointment. I made it, but it wasn't what it could have been if I hadn't had an injury.

The October MRI results showed ‘fissuring’ of the cartilage behind the right knee cap and a ‘slight tearing’ of the lateral right meniscus. 

The Sports Doctor prescribed a fancy knee brace which resulted in tearing the skin off my upper thigh in two places. The scars are still red and angry over a month later.  So, I tape the heck out of my knee and focus really hard on not letting my knee turn inward when I run. No more cutting and dodging through runners at races, and I walk on tight turns now.

Weight was an issue for me. I lost a lot of inches, but I ended the year still overweight and fluffy. Jiggly. The problem with running is that it is too easy to make excuses for that extra helping now. I still need to work on that.

I have learned a lot about myself, my weaknesses, and my strengths this year and I will be posting my 2013 Goals in a few days. HAPPY NEW YEARS, EVERYONE!!

Photos from 2012 races

 Me *after* the Color Run

 Solstice Run 
(made the podium!)

Every Girls Run

 Run Like A Girl

Me and the Captain at the RUM RUN!

Herd Of Turtles relay team
(I am third from the left)

Me and Christine at our first Half Marathon

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