Monday, May 13, 2013


My race plans for the year were tossed out the window. It was painful, but....I was offered a job to be a railroad conductor. A job I have dreamed about since I was a very young child. I couldn't turn it down.

There was 8 weeks of classes in a town in north Delaware. The homework was CRAZY and I literally studied most weekdays from 6am until maybe 9pm (including class time). I tried to squeeze in 6 to 9 miles a week. It was a challenge to do so. I am still running just 6 to 9 miles a week with the training schedule here.

It was lonely running those 8 weeks in Delaware. The trail near the hotel was asphalt and wrapped around a small lake. In my 8 weeks there, I saw maybe 4 others running it. TOTAL. No repeats. Also, no cyclists other than one I met at a intersection. She was on her way to work at Performance Bikes and explained the area there isn't very fit conscious. People who buy bikes typically buy cruisers for the shore areas.

My first day back at home (May 4th) I went and ran 3 miles on my favorite trail here. There was more runners at the Padden/Andressen intersection in ONE signal, than I saw in my 8 weeks back east. Lots of waves and smiles from runners, walkers and cyclists. It was so good to be home.

My job is amazing. Hard, but amazing.  Unfortunately, I work weekend mornings now. 

They don't offer many races on weekdays. 

I did get told I could have a weekend off in the next few months so I chose a Duathlon weekend in July. I hope I will be ready for it. You see, I am now a 5K runner all over again. I lost a lot of cardio fitness, although my legs and hips are stronger than ever.

Trust me - walking the full length of a moving and rocking two level train throughout 7 plus hours builds strength!

Next weekend I am going to a one time temporary two week training schedule that will KILL my running times. I will be in Seattle working 6pm - 6 am shifts. Knowing me, running after that shift won't be likely. :(

Good news is some bad news. I might be furloughed (temporarily laid off) around the first week of July through mid August. That would be ideal for my duathlon training and to regain my fitness. It will just really hurt the purse strings.

Still, it is all worth it. :)

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