Monday, January 7, 2013

1st race of 2013 - Woohoo!

It is a little 5K in Battle Ground, Washington put on by Get Bold Events, appropriately named the RESOLUTION RUN.

Weather was PERFECT for me since I always run hot - 38 degrees and dry. Overcast. No fog.  In fact, I was stripped down to just this thin T-shirt and carried my vest as other finished in the layers they started in. I can't do that. I get too hot. Must be all that extra insulation I have that they don't have.

I took 5 minutes and 15 seconds off my time from last years race!!! 

That made me very happy.

Funny, as I was only 4th place in my age group (50-54) of 13 women and it wasn't my fastest 5K pace to date. But, compared to this time last year, that is a HUGE difference and I am very proud.

DISTANCE: 3.09 miles
TIME: 32:47 minutes.
PACE: 10:35 minutes per mile
WEIGHT: 166.8 (yes, I gained 8 since October)

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