Thursday, April 3, 2014



1) I went to work for a grocery store and am scheduled very few hours but am often on call. I hate being on call. It is the worst part of being on the railroad, but with only a third of the salary.

2) We are BUYING a house in Arizona and there has been a lot of running around (and flying!) involved. So many tasks and chores by our Realtor, lender and insurance company.

3) We are SELLING our home in Washington. And we have a ton of stuff. More than a ton of stuff. I have been boxing up things and driving them to a storage unit for weeks. As I type this, there is another 12 boxes I need to take over. This morning I packed my utility vehicle with electronics, gadgets, and STUFF and took them all to the Salvation Army. I have been there enough that I would now recognizing the receiving guy on the street. Luckily, the packing in the house is done as of tonight. Closets and cupboards are now bare essential BARE. There is still the garage though.  Next up is new paint every where and then flooring and landscaping.

4) My running has taken a HUGE nose dive in mileage. I attribute it a lot to the lack of structure and constant interruptions from the work place; and the needs of this house. I tried running the last few weeks and the entire run (each time) was mentally unpleasant as I obsessed over all I could be doing at home that needed doing.

5) I gained weight. At New Years I weighed 180 lbs. Today I weighed 181.8. When I found my doctors paperwork from a colonoscopy in September 2012 it said I weight 158 (CLOTHED!!!). I have gained over 23 pounds since I left my structured job at DSHS. I never realized how much I need structure.


1) Even if I just run 1 mile, I am running at least 3x a week. PERIOD.

2) Water! When I was at DSHS I drank two jugs of water a day before I got home. I am going to go buy a jug and do that again. I bet that is what helped me to eat less. ;)

3) Force myself to accept lower over-all paces as I train for a Galloway styled Half Marathon. That means running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute for 13.1 miles which can only mean slower paces than I used to run when I ran the full 13.1 last time non-stop. And that will be OKAY!!! (I have to keep telling myself that and tomorrow I am going to force myself to do it as long as I can)



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