Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Training Going Well So Far

I find it amazing that I can run/walk at a 4 min/1 min ratio almost as fast as nonstop running at 3 or more miles.

My knees don't hurt on this new plan. EVER!! *knocking on wood*

I used my last two 6 mile runs to determine my predicted race pace for the Half Marathon using this page: RUNNERS WORLD RACE PACE PREDICTOR

According to that, my HALF MARATHON PACE should be 13:35.

This also says that I should finish in just under 3 hours. It doesn't take into account how hilly the Half Marathons are that I signed up for this year. In comparison, my first one was MUCH flatter.

My race goal for the Vancouver Half is to finish merely "under 3 hours".

I have never trained to splits before. But I am going to try this Friday on my long run. We will see how long it takes me to go the 7 miles this Friday.

Hoping I get it in at 1:35:09 as suggested below.

That is slower than when I ran my entire last Half in 2012 at a pace of 12:41 which to hit again I would need to follow the column on the right below. BUT! I am not training as hard (due to an on-call work schedule) and frankly, I am really liking this run/walk thing because I don't need to spend $20-$40 a week on a physical therapist!

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