Monday, November 12, 2012

1st Run in 29 Days

I was told by the doctor to wait until I was fitted with a knee brace before running. Well, it has been taking a LONG time and today was the appointment. I woke up so excited! But, the woman I had the appointment with cancelled just 2 hours before we were to meet, stating she forgot it was a holiday today and she can't make it.

This made for a lot of frustration. If she reschedules for tomorrow (it is 5pm and she STILL hasn't called back) I wouldn't be able to run tomorrow night - it is my 2 yr wedding anniversary.

It HAD to be TODAY.

So, I put on a cheap blue neoprene knee brace I got at Walgreens.

I put on my Nike running pants, my beloved Saucony's, and my wonderful Brooks dayglow vest with the pockets. I put on my matching dayglow Nike cap, Garmin and grabbed my headphones and iPhone.

I could feel the adrenaline in me even as I stood in my court waiting for my GPS to catch the satellites.

The skies were gray, the ground wet, and a heavy mist (not quite a rain) was coming down.

I turned on the iPhone to my 'faves' playlist and off I went.

The only goal I had was to move until moving hurt, or 2 miles. Whichever came first. So, I went nice and slow on streets slick with fallen leaves and just enjoyed and reveled in the moment. The breeze on my face, my legs stretching themselves, my heart rate settling in at a nice low 160 bpm. Okay, low for ME. ;)

The course I chose was the flattest anywhere near my home. It is mostly just staying on the top of our hill, and going to the little neighborhood park that has a nice loopy asphalt quartermile track. The track has some changes in elevation as it wraps up and down and around the children's play areas. There was a young man throwing tennis balls to his black lab, and another young man shooting hoops in the mist. I did 4 laps at the park.

My cardio fitness has suffered from the 29 days without running.

My legs remembered how to move, but they didn't feel as strong as they used to by the 2 mile mark. In fact, my left quad was trying to convince me the couch was a better place to be. HA! I told my legs to suck it up and get me home so they did....another half mile.

My knee is a little cranky right now but it didn't hurt running. It will get over it.

It felt SO wonderful running again!!!!

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  1. It has been a while since I have looked at my blog, so therefor it has been a while since I have seen yours lol. I had to take a break from running as well. Except for me it had to do with the fact that I was soon going to be burnt out on running, and that is the LAST thing I want. The GF half was pretty much just endless running, not a good experience. At least I made good time I guess. Anyway, I really enjoy your descriptive writing. You look great in your pic! Oh and happy Anniversary!