Saturday, November 24, 2012

It Takes Courage to Lose

I have only been back to running a short time, after that four week post-injury hiatus. My longest distance since the Half Marathon was a little over 5 miles and it wasn't pretty. Tomorrow is a race that I signed up for long before my injuries.

Yesterday, I ran 3 miles and my running brace tore the top layer of skin off in two places of my upper leg and left a ring of bruises on the lower leg.

The distance tomorrow is 7.5 miles.

I seriously considered dropping the 12K for the 5K, but my friend Shelly convinced me last weekend to give the 12K a try and to just do what I can.

It won't be a 'race' for me. I saw the finish times women in my age group did last year. I will be going into this run fully expecting to be last in my age division. If I do, it will be a first for me to be in last place as I usually finish in the upper 33-40%. It is kind of sad. A part of me doesn't want to go. It doesn't want to LOSE!!! After all, online race results are forever to anyone searching your name.

BUT!!!! A runner at Dailymile named Jill said this - "It's not where you've been but where you're headed."

I need to quit lamenting what fitness I don't have this week, and celebrate every mile I am making that brings me closer to where I was before the injuries. Even if coming in last place occurs. Even if I end up walking the last miles across the finish line.

I am going out there tomorrow to get fit. Not to win against others....but to beat the weakness out of my body that set in during my 4 weeks 'off' the road.

Just do it!

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  1. Update: I wasn't far off the mark but I am adding the train that got between me and the runners that started before me as part of it.

    The train took 7 minutes and 58 seconds to pass us.

    That is almost 8 minutes added to my official time that runners just ahead of us didn't get added. I came in 2nd to the last runner in my division.

    I am proud though that if you take out that 8 minute train, my pace for the race was 11:48 although we walked a total of at least 18 times in just 7.58 miles.