Friday, October 11, 2013

Still Running - Despite Life

I saw the neurologist about my double vision/esophoria yesterday. She first wanted to know why I put it off so long and I was honest - doctor visits stress me out and most issues resolve themselves without the stress. My routine 50 yr check up resulted in 7 or 8 pre-cancerous polyps being removed and know I fear lunch meat. (See what I mean???)

The neurologist confirmed my double vision and ordered both a non-dye and a dye MRI of the brain, and a whole slew of blood work. This is just to rule out all the nasty things that 'could' cause sudden onset esophoria at the age of 50. There isn't any real concern. Just ruling things out.

First thing this morning I got a call from the MRI department - they are getting me in Tuesday.

Shortly after that I got a call from my general practioner doctor (who has had nothing to do with any of the double vision or lab work because this went from Opthamology to Neuroglogy). They said they were alerted to some of my lab results. The doctor would like me to come in at my earliest convenience. They had nothing Monday, Tuesday is my MRI's, Wednesday I am out of town so I am going in Thursday. I then asked, "WHY?" and was told the tests came back with elevated levels. I mentioned they were slightly elevated last year. They agreed but added this year they are above normal limits. Last year they weren't. Okay.

This stressed me out so I went to go run the nerves off.

Shortly into my run the neurologist called to tell me that my liver levels were off and to call my GP. I let them know I had already got a call from them and have an appointment in place. "Oh good!!"

I did my run and it was odd. I was overly concerned about my health. Running too hard? Running too fast? Should I even be pushing this hard? Am I damaging something????

Then tonight, I found my lab results online. YIKES!!!

ALT count - normal max is 32.  My count: 104
AST count - normal max is 36. My count: 60

Bilirubin count - normal max is 1.0. My count is 1.4 

My brother told me he has always had elevated numbers but not like that. My last counts were just under the normal max. I went from 31 to 104 in one year.

I still have more lab work that isn't in yet and that will take a few days.

This is why I don't do doctors! I went in for vision issues and come back with this scare.

TRYING TO BE POSITIVE THOUGHT OF THE DAY:  "5% of all healthy people have an abnormal ALT. Medical and mathematical statistics guarantee that. By definition, a "normal" test result range is the range that includes 95% of all healthy adults."

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