Friday, October 18, 2013

Update on Medical Issues

Had another blood test. That is three now in 8 days with elevated liver enzymes. Doctor ordered a liver and gall bladder ultrasound for first thing Monday morning.

The sad thing....I am not stressing the liver. I am not stressing the neurology exploration for my double vision.

I am stressing the pain I experienced from last Friday through Tuesday. I still get an occasional spasm (like when I sneeze) and I felt it today when running a normal gait with each footfall impact on the ground (and I stopped THAT right away!).

I am angry. I am livid.

The ER doctor told me my GYN should go in and take a look as he suspected adhesions and thinks it also might be that my endometriosis is back. He also told me my golf ball sized cyst could be an issue.

Likewise, the intestinal doctor CANCELLED his appointment with me once he saw that cyst, citing that was most likely the cause. He said he is leaving it up to the GYN to fix and to call if that doesn't work.

WELL!!! I saw my GYN yesterday. She did not even do an exam. Seriously. She didn't even press on my lower groin area or anything. She told me she saw the ultrasound and that it wasn't that big a cyst. She wouldn't remove it. It is a 'blood filled' hemo something that is of no concern as they don't normally get larger or twist or burst or leak. She also said she is fairly certain that my groin pain is adhesion caused from my hysterectomy 3 years ago.

And her long term solution? "Focus on pain management. Let me know if you need any more percocet."


I have to learn to live with that kind of pain? 
To rely on a drug filled with Tylenol when I have very elevated liver issues ALREADY?!?!?

I told her the ER doctor said she can probably go in and clean up the adhesions. She didn't seem to like that and let me know in no uncertain terms that it was a waste of (her) time because surgeries cause adhesions. Cleaning it is a surgery. She would just have to go back in, in another 3 years.


She said to come back in a month. We will do a follow-up ultrasound. If it is growing, we will discuss further and if pain gets uncontrollable again, give her a call.

*banging head against the wall*

As a note: I am NOT a wimp. I had both babies born at home without meds. After my hysterectomy my doctor got on me for NOT taking pain meds. I ran 8 miles of my half marathon last year with a bad knee. I can handle pain. But not THIS type of pain. I am looking for another doctor.

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