Saturday, August 20, 2011

Less Running and More Climbing/Walking

We are still on our week long summer vacation journey. I haven't had a formal run, but we have done a lot more physical activity than we normally participate in.

  • Thursday the 18th: We were at a 62 acre wooded park and in the 5+ hours we were there we took an hour long tram ride and walked more than 4 hours. The inclines/declines weren't bad but a few resulted in some gentle reminders that we made that big hike a few days ago. We didn't sit at all during the time off the tram. Also, at the hotel, we walked up the road to dinner and I ran back to the hotel. I decided running down hill on soft forest loam is MUCH more fun than running on a treadmill indoors.

  • Friday the 19th: We woke up so sore that I had difficulty walking the first half hour. In the morning/early afternoon we took a train ride and then went to explore the Mt St Helens area. This included one killer hike up a terraced hill at Windy Ridge Lookout. It LOOKED easy. It was ONLY 361-400 stair steps up (the number fluctuates between websites - but George like others counted over 400) but it is straight up. As one site says, "Climbing these stairs is quite a climb for the average person." That is a minimum of 12 flights of stairs! Still. It wasn't running. I am looking forward to getting back on track. ;)

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