Saturday, April 7, 2012

Added 15% on my long run - 5.17 miles

Coach said that for my long run this weekend, to try for another full 4.5 miles and to do a recovery week next weekend. However, today was a BEAUTIFUL day. No clouds. Beautiful blue skies. Runners all over the place out there. I got the fever and went out for a 4.5 mile midday run along Padden Parkway Trail.

Not going to say it was easy, as it wasn't. I have been suffering vertigo (again!) and feeling queasy sea sick for the last two days and sleep has been horrid as a result. So my run today was something I fought for all the way.

Well, up until around the 4 mile mark.

Is it those Sports Beans? I only ate 2 of them at the 3 mile mark but I caught such a really strong second wind at the 4 mile mark that I just kept going. I had to FORCE myself to stop at 5.17 (when I passed my house) as I really felt like I could have ran a full 6 today and I have heard that you shouldn't add more than 10% a week to your distance. I knew I had already gone over that.

Three hours later I still feel pretty good. Some light burning on that cursed knee, but other wise fine. Nothing requiring motrin or ice (though I will ice just because).

  • Total miles per Garmin: 5.17 miles *
  • Average Pace11:54 (under 12:00 for 5.17!)
  • Weather: 56 degrees and full sun 
  • Disappointment: Neither the Garmin nor the MapMyWalk logged the huge inclines on the foot bridge/roads that went up high over the 205 Interstate freeway. Instead, both of them 'read' the ground beneath and showed the hardest parts of the run as DECLINES. They were most assuredly INCLINES.
  • Pride and Joy: I ran 5+ miles (8.32 K) under an average of 12:00! Maybe I can't call myself a 13 minute pace 5K'er anymore?
  • Weight: A water retained 167. Thank goodness for Fiona sports bras!  

ELEVATION: Incline from 214 feet to 328 feet (114 gain)

The weather along the trail

Pedestrian Bridge going UP over the Interstate 
(VERY steep climb that the GPS softwares ignore and count the freeway below instead)

*Total miles per MapMyWalk: 5.30

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