Saturday, April 28, 2012

Momma's Got A New Pair Of Shoes!

I have been enduring pain on my left arch for a few weeks. It has been getting worse as my mileage has increased. It is the same burning arch pain that I used to get when wearing high heels too long. I brought it up to my physical therapist at PT yesterday and he suggested that I go to Fit Right Northwest and get a new gait analysis.

Went in this morning and told them my problem. They had me take off my socks and shoes and run on the treadmill with the video camera aimed at my feet as I ran at my typical pace. It was played back in slow motion.

They explained that my pronation is real, but doesn't merit the industrial strength ultra support shoes I am now wearing. He said he thinks I belong in a MID-control shoe. Not the ones I have been in. I explained I had been fitted with them last August and he said that makes sense. I wasn't running yet. I was almost 30 pounds heavier. I wasn't doing strength exercises. He said that it appears all my hard work is correcting my posture/pronation issues. Also, he said it IS possible I can even go another step down in the future to even less support with more hip alignment/strength and weight loss. He isn't so sure minimalist will ever truly be an option with the pronation but we can get real close.

ALSO - my feet are bigger than previously thought. He measured and said he would recommend a size 10. The black toe nail on my right foot is proof that my 9's might have been too small with all the hill work in my area. ;)

I had the sweetest sales girl. Her name is Kristen. She let me try on every single brand's mid-support shoes. Some shoes I knew instantly after just four steps were a NO! One had a heel that was too low. One had a side that was too high (and cutting into the ankle bone). Some shoes required a run around the in store track before I ruled them out or made them a 'maybe'. I really wanted the cute lime green Asics to be the ones, but they weren't even in the final three. I wanted the Mizuno's to be the ones too, but those had a heel that felt wobbly to me just walking in them. The pink Asics were one of the final contenders. So were some Brooks. Then she brought out a pair of Saucony's. As soon as I put them on, I told her, "these feel like bedroom slippers". To someone who has been wearing extra stability shoes forever, that was NO exaggeration.

It was then down to the Asics and the Saucony's.

Putting one of each on my feet, I ran down the street and back. The Saucony side felt better.

Then she alternated the brands and feet and off I went again.

The Saucony Progrid Guide 5's won hands down. They have a MUCH lower heel so it is designed to help midstrike! YAY!! I need all the help I can get. They have a wider toe box. They felt so darned COMFIE. :)

I got home and told the hubby I was going for a SHORT "3 or 4 mile" run. He said, "Yeah. Right."

This was within an hour of eating a full sized Hawaiian burger (no mayo). I had a stomach cramp in the first 100 yards. It hurt. In fact, it hurt bad. I can't remember ever having a stomach cramp running before and didn't know what to do so I slowed down and kept on going. The cramping stopped before the end of the first mile.

I didn't get home until after I had ran 7.32 miles. Guess the hubby was right. He knows me well. I always seem to take a wrong turn on my 'good' days.

I loved the shoes. Instead of feeling like I was being jack hammered on the side of my left arch, it felt like it was being massaged. It felt good. I did feel muscles being used that hadn't been before in my calves but nothing painful. I am totally stoked.

Normally, I would not go out and do my longest run in over 14 years in brand-new-out-of-the-box shoes, but.....

It just felt that good.

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