Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adjusting to a Lower Heeled Shoe

I was warned that the significant change in heel drop between my old shoes and my new shoes (12mm to 8mm) might cause some unexpected discomfort. Most specifically, in the lower legs.

So first, the good news:

I have not had a single arch pain since I got the new shoes. That has been resolved. Completely. Such a nice change after weeks of ongoing pain that was becoming 24 hours long. GONE!!!

Now the bad news:

I ran 5 hill sprints last night after a short warm up run of one mile. By the fourth sprint I was feeling discomfort along the back of my legs that was almost enough to make me stop and walk. The pain was the back of the calves all the way up to the back of the thighs. Very odd. Then it stopped. I finished the sprints and the mile run back home.

Today I felt random pain. Once it was on my outer upper hip. Once the hip flexor. Once the left calve.

I went to the track for my 400's and on the 2nd lap I felt something VERY disturbing. I could feel what felt like my knee cap sliding across the top of itself? It burned too. I stopped and massaged my knee cap and when I ran again, that sensation was gone and remained gone. However, I then had a burning pain below the center of my knee. I had to stop after just my sixth 400 on a nice spongy school track. That was so frustrating. I ran 7.32 miles non-stop on asphalt and concrete last weekend and felt fine up and down hills. Tonight I am on a composite track, running flat and have to stop at 1.5 miles that had walk breaks every quarter mile!! NOT COOL!

By the top I got home, that pain was gone. (What is with these hit and run pains??)

Now, hours later with my feet up, I feel light flutters on the upper outside of my knee. Little spasms. This time, it is in the IT band area I am used to feeling stuff happen on. DANG IT!!!

I wrote the coach tonight for some advise. Should I switch between the shoes in alternating runs while I adjust to a lower heeled shoe? Cut my miles way back for now? HOW do you transition without causing injury?

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