Monday, May 7, 2012


After a cool spring, we hit over 80 degrees today, and I went out and ran in it after work.

On an asphalt direct sunlight....

And it was not pleasant. This is a surprise to me because I moved here from the desert and I was very active there. Today's humidity was 31% which is twice what the desert had, but still very low for here.

I had sweat trickling down the back of both of my arms before I hit the first half a mile.

My 10 ounce container was filled with solid ice and gatorade when I left but every ice cube was melted quickly. The sweat band in my cap couldn't keep the sweat off my face and out of my eyes by mile 2. I drank all 10 ounces of fluid by the 3rd mile and at 3.5 miles I was feeling as if my head was so hot from the direct sunlight/run that I HAD to take my netted summer cap off.

My heart rate started going up, up UP while my speed went down, down, DOWN so
 I cut my four miles short and went home - dehydrated. Ran inside and grabbed my BIG water bottle and then I downed 18 ounces of fluid on my cool down walk. All my clothing was SOAKED. Literally.

This is going to be a long summer if I don't acclimate to this. I signed up for another 20 weeks of the Git Fit Live Fit running program and we will be running every Wednesday at 6pm (hottest time of the day) through July and August, onto October.

3.78 miles
11:34 moving pace (doesn't include the two long stop light waits at Andressen)
Outdoor temp: 80.4 degrees
Location: Padden Parkway Trail - direct sunlight

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  1. Nice run! Stop lights don't count.

    Also, I'm a super duper sweaty runner. I have sweat pouring off my elbows by the time I hit the half mile mark, too. lol Sadly, my sweat is really salty which causes major chafing for me. I have to wear a compression shirt under my bra year round. It gets really hot. :(