Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hydration in the Heat - Thanks NATHAN!

Anyone else use camel-backs for hydration?

  • I usually ran with a 10 ounce hand-held bottle. As temps increased, I found it was too little water. Also, after 40 minutes, that bottle becomes annoying in my hand. 
  • Needing more fluids, I bought a much bigger bottle which did offer enough fluid, but after 6 miles, I hated carrying it even more than the small one. I was switching it from hand to hand the last two miles.
  • Frustrated with hand-helds, I got a belt with two bottles. The problem with this was that the belt had the pocket and bottles on the lower back. This required me wearing another belt for my iPhone (that I take in and out a lot on runs for photos) and it required my stopping to get and replace the bottles when drinking. SOLUTION: I wear the belt backwards.  I may look like a total dweeb, but I actually like that best but it is only 20 ounces combined fluids.

I sweat a LOT!!! I mean....a heaping heck of a LOT. I am usually drenched and can wring out my baseball caps after as little as 4 mile runs. I am training for a half marathon. I need a lot of fluids.

So, today I tried a camel back that I got in the mail today.

I LOVE IT!!!! I filled it up half way with ice. I then added a small bottle of gatorade and a small amount of water.

The down side is that during the first two miles, I could hear the ice cubes sloshing around.

But, this was a comfortable way of carrying a lot of fluid. I carried over a liter of fluid (it can contain 2 liters) without any discomfort.

  • No back or shoulder discomfort.  The straps are designed to prevent shoulder strain and even the weight out. 
  • There is a pocket big enough for my iPhone on one strap, and a one for my sweat hanky on the other.
  • Even in 79.3 degrees and 45 minutes in DIRECT sunlight, my drink stayed cold.
  • I love having my hands free.
  • It didn't bounce.
  • The front straps are breathable and wicking and are designed for women (under the breasts).
  • And the bonus! I could feel COOLING all along my back from the ice and wicking material between it and my back. It was still cooling my back after 46 minutes. My little waist belt doesn't do that. ;)

I will use my waist belt with the two bottles for my short runs and 10K's, but I now know that I no longer have to worry about hydration while I am training for a half marathon.

Yes, I sweat under it. But, I never felt hot spots under it.

Here is the one I bought: Nathany Intensity Women's Race Vest

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