Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not Alone Tonight

My training program is given to me weekly by email. Wednesday nights are 'Track Night'. However, those that meet together in a group do so an hour after work across town from me. I started going to the track between my office and my home a few months ago and I have, without exception, always had the track to myself.  I was ending my hour when the 'group' across town was just warming up. With my schedule, going to the nearest track is best.

Rain, wind, cold or shine.....
the track was always.......
mine all mine.

I drove in today happy to see the parking lot empty. But, as I walked up to the track I saw four adults stretching behind the big container by the track. They had parked on the other side.

I am not going to lie. I was really disappointed. I had planned on trying  a new workout called 30-20-10's (SECONDS!)  instead of my six 800's the coach assigned. But, I didn't want to try weird new things in front of others. So, I took off on my 800's.

The two men passed me so I moved to the 2nd lane. I gotta admit though that I found some extra mojo and umph tonight with these two men out there kicking my butt.

The two women just walked. One walked (as I was always taught walkers should do when sharing a track with runners), on the outer edge. The other woman though was walking all over the two inner lanes.

Then, an older gentleman showed up and he took the far outer lane and walked.

Then a woman and her daughter showed up to walk and they too, took the farthest outer lanes.

The woman walking in the inner two lanes literally jumped in front of me THREE times hearing me coming up behind her. If she had stayed put all three times, it wouldn't have been a problem. But at one point I had to do a funky high speed mid air twist to avoid collision and felt it in my bad knee when landing. Grrrrrrrr!  You would have thought she would have caught on seeing all the other walkers on the outer edges and got off the two inner lanes.

So - my track had seven other visitors tonight. I guess that happens when the weather gets nicer. The two men resulted in my having my best 800's yet. The one woman caused me to twist my knee.

I guess it is no longer "my" track but....I can look forward to some good speed work on Wednesdays now.

Might need a cattle prod for errant walkers though.

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