Thursday, May 10, 2012

189 donuts

1:  My weight when I began running was 188.6 pounds (August 2011) and today I weighed 162.0. That is a loss of 26.6 pounds.  That means that when I began running, I was doing so carrying around extra weight equivalent to the weight of 3 gallons of milk, or a large bag of dogfood. No wonder stairs wore me out.

  • I have 3 pounds to go to meet my June 14th goal, and
  • 8 pounds to go to meet my July 4th goal. (Not likely at this point but that is okay!)

2: Since September, I have lost the following;
  • 2.5" around my back
  • 4.5" in my waist
  • 5.5" in my abdomen
  • 4" in my hips
  • 2.5" per thigh
How oh HOW did I ever let myself go that badly? 2003 was a really bad year for me...but that was still no excuse to pack all that weight on and then to just let it stick around! 

3: I have run a total of 154 miles since New Years.

4: I am still slow but in the last 5 months I went from:
  • 3 mile RACE at a 12:49 pace, to....
  • 7.32 mile casual run at a 12:21 pace, and  
  • 4 mile casual runs at less than 11:22 (on several occasions).

5: I have gotten used to eating bugs. Well, mostly.

6: Since New Years, I have 'run' off the equivalent of approximately 189 donuts.

7: I learned that when you get a new STYLE of shoe, you really should show some restraint and not just go out and run your longest run yet in matter how awesome it may feel at the time.

8: In the last 5 months I have learned a variety of brand new words and/or alternate meanings for words such as:  IT Band, Rolling, I.C.E., Scraping, Fartleks, Pyramids, 800's (YUCK!), etc.

9: I found out how amazing wicking shirts and Fiona bras can be.

10: When losing weight, make sure you have properly fitted undergarments. Wearing ones that are too big while running can make for an awkward workout.

11: I know I would lose weight faster if I gave up my new favorite lunch, but I have been eating it almost daily at work for 5 or more months now. I follow a woman on here who Runs for Coffee. I run for big fat bagels with nut butter and sliced banana's on the them. And oh yeah - Jelly belly's. It's a weakness. 

12: I forgot to add one of the neatest things about running!!! MY MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS ALL STOPPED! I started having regular raging hot flashes throughout 2011 up until around October. They they got lighter and lighter with the more I ran. Now, I can't remember my last one.

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