Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pre-race Jitters

In 12 hours I will be en route to the Rum Run in Tualatin, Oregon. It will be early in the morning for me and I am not going to lie. I am feeling ALL kinds of pre-race jitters on this one. It is, after all, my very first 10K race.

Jitters include:

1) What if it rains really hard and I didn't wear my jacket?

2) What if I wear my jacket and it doesn't rain at all?

3) Will I have fueled adequately for 6.1 miles?

4) Should I carry my handheld fluids as well since I typically drink before 2 miles? I think so, but will it just be extra baggage I won't need?

5) Will my tutu be the only tutu there?

6) What if I have to use a bathroom (#1 or #2 - doesn't matter) between 8:30 am and the finish line?

7) Just how big ARE those two hills?

8) Will my IT band and knee endure?

9) Will I be able to refrain from the curse of poor pacing when around faster runners? It kills me every time!

10) Will I be in very last place?

So....going to be early tonight....going to try and sleep (HA!!) and going to try and not forget anything important in the morning. I will check in tomorrow post race.

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