Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Coach assigned us to go out and find a HILLY road and to run it. We were to try and maintain the same exertion levels going up as down and to watch our HR if possible to try and keep it level.

Finding a hilly road is not that difficult in my area. In fact, trying to find a flat road is near impossible. So, I chose the hilliest section I could find in my area. Here is a GPS used map showing the elevation I ran.

What I found interesting in this exercise was it wasn't going fast that was hard, it was slowing myself down that was. I had to do that a few times on the up hill climbs. Coach told us to walk if needed, but luckily, I was able to bring the HR down with a nice slow slog on the inclines.


  • I ran my first 3.1 miles non-stop run under a 12 minute average pace!
  • In fact, I blew it out the door with a whopping 11:35 minute average pace.


  • I shaved a full 7 minutes and 30 seconds off my previous time on this same route from four months ago. I still can't fathom that.  Where will I be in another four months? 


  • Although I am diligent about rolling, and my doing my IT band/knee routine every day at lunch, my right knee is now gently reminding me of it's presence. Luckily I have a PT appointment for Thursday already in place.


  • I will let the photo say it all. :)

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  1. My knee was extra tender today. I was icing it at work!!!

    Seeing the PT later in the day was such a relief. I made another appointment for the beginning of next week. Adding all miles and increasing speed was bound to start it up again.

    Rats. BUT - YAY BRYCE!