Monday, February 27, 2012

Hill Sprints - Andressen Hill #1

I guess I am adding hill work to my weekly routine now. These were supposed to be done tomorrow (and cross training today) but since snow is due tomorrow, I switched the two days around.

Objective: Run up a steep hill for 60 seconds at 90% max & walk back (6 times)

This is a SHORT workout. Low mileage.

But not easy.

My legs were lead on trip #5 up Andressen.

Had some decent paces going up though! FAR better than my distance paces.

Incline per MapMyWalk: 6.6% INCLINE!

Here are the splits/times

Here is the player you can watch all three 'in action' (you may need to scroll down to see it all)

Weather: Clear. Dry. 42 degrees. (altogether AWESOME running weather!)

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  1. We did hills tonight, too! So not looking forward to the snow. Wasn't this past weekend ENOUGH? I think it was. lol Great work out there. It was a chilly night for a run!