Friday, February 3, 2012

I've been tagged to blab about 11 random things

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11 Random Things About Me
  1. I am a tomboy. I rarely wear make-up and I have had THE same purse since around 2006. 
  2. I am a railfan. That is someone who likes to watch, photograph and ride trains.
  3. My husband and I are totally ying/yang. I am the louder, anxious, retentive, goofy one who over-thinks every thing. He is the mellow, laid back, gentle soul that balances me and reminds me to BREATHE.
  4. I don't just own a lot of camera's and camera gear. I actually get paid to use them on occasion.  See my site here:
  5. I lived in the Mojave Desert most of my life and just moved to Washington in 2007. I miss the desert and wide open spaces. Traffic here is abysmal.
  6. I have two grown children (both were born at home because I HATE hospitals), a daughter given to me in love from my husband, and I have two grandchildren.
  7. We have an ark - Two parrots, two cats and two dogs. 
  8. For the last hour and fourteen minutes I have been on hold with Nordictrack. I ordered a really nice recumbent bike and they just dropped off a really low end poorly rated discontinued elliptical machine.
  9. I have chronic insomnia. 
  10. I never spent the night in a hospital until I was 47 years old.
  11. I can't cook. I burn water. I burn water all the time. I can blame it on my ADHD but truth is, I just don't care enough to remember. But - - - I love watching cooking shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef, Hell's Kitchen and Restaurant Impossible.

My Answers Heather's 11 questions for me
  1. If you listen to music  while you run, what's your "power song"?  I have quite a few songs that I put in towards the end of my workouts (ranging from power songs by Evanescence,  to 80's pop) but one song in particular seems to show in most playlists at the last leg more often than others. It is CHEESY but the lyrics really get me energized - Ricky Martins "Ole Ole Ole".  For example - "Do you really want it?!", "HERE WE GO!",  "GO! GO! GO!" and "Now is the time, don't ever stop,  Push it along, Got to be strong"

  2. Which race has been your favorite so far? - 2011 Jingle Bell Run 5K Portland just a two months ago. First one I ran non-stop.

  3. What's your favorite training plan? The one I just got from Get Fit Live Fit's 20 week course. It is the only real/regimented plan I have ever had. In order from Monday to Sunday - Cross train, Intervals, Track night with the group, cross train, strength run, long run, rest.

  4. What's your go to post run fuel/food? Banana and coconut water. 

  5. Do you reward yourself after a big event? On occasion. 

  6. If yes to #5, what do you do to reward yourself? Big 3 portion sized steaks. My bad. I know. Could be why I am not losing as quickly as I could be. ;)

  7. Have you motivated others to run? Surprisingly, yes. The woman who motivated me two years ago (before I could run), is now running again and we signed up for the Girlfriends Half Marathon together.

  8. Who motivated YOU to run? Originally? Self - I loved to run as a kid, young adult and then young woman. But then I quit, did bad things (oh those wicked 80's!), and gained tons of weight (the sedentary 90's and onward recovering from the 80's). Recently, my coworker Christine.  It's all her fault. :D 

  9. Is running part of a bigger journey for you, or is it just something you do? Every run is a journey.  That is what I like about it. Every run is new. And at times, it can be the day you feel stronger, or faster. It can be the day you conquer a goal. It can take you to places you wouldn't normally see. It gets you away from work, laundry piles, ringing phones, and lines in stores. I love that feeling the day after a long run when I am walking through the office or a store and my legs feel so powerful. It just makes me feel GOOD. Then there is always that bonus of weight control.  FOOD!

  10. What's your favorite time of year to run? Fall. Always fall.I still haven't ran in a heavy rain. I know it is coming though and I am dreading it. I have done light misty rains, and a thick snow fall. Just not a heavy rain. In the 90's I ran in desert heat late afternoons and loved that too.

  11. Is running a solitary event for you, or do you share it with others? I have always ran alone until recently. My coworker was really kind and ran the Jingle Bell with me for the first quarter mile (she is MUCH faster than I am).  Also, I signed up for the Get Fit Live Fit 20 week running program and I hear tomorrow we will be assigned to pace groups. 

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