Saturday, February 4, 2012

My First Group Run

Drove into Portland early this morning beneath a beautiful sunrise. First, let me tell you that I am NOT a morning person. I run after work. The only times I have ever run in the morning before 9am were on race days. Saturdays are the ONLY day I can sleep in. So for me to be on a highway at 7:20am to go run for every Saturday between now and mid June says a lot about my determination to become a stronger runner.

Got there and it was suggested that we run in a pace group SLOWER than the paces we ran Wednesday at track night. I found the 13 minute pace group and joined in with them. All those in the 5K people were to turn around at the one mile mark and come back. The half marathon group and marathon runners were to keep on going.

Running in a 13 minute pace group was odd for me. I kept having to discipline myself to not break pace , especially when the faster groups that started after us would catch up and pass us. But I did as told (for which I am sure my knee is thankful!) and stayed with the group all the way up to the turn around point. There, it seemed that I was the only one in my group turning around.  All those other 13's were training for the long runs? I was alone? I wasn't paying attention and had been chatting with runners on the way there, and now I had to run back alone? How?

I literally got lost going back. I have proof. I have my Garmin map showing my detours.

During that time another runner came up and said she too, couldn't remember which roads we were supposed to take. We took detours but we didn't add mileage and we made it back.

The coach and I had exchanged a few emails earlier this week and he told me to really pay attention to my exertion levels. Not so much my HR as we would have to test me to know my actual equivalents.

Here is a shot of the incline I ran down, then turned around and ran back up. 

My average HR for the entire two miles was just 162. In a group! That is like a record for me. I can see how these group runs are going to help me to learn a lot of things. Like pacing discipline in large crowds with faster runners, and calming down in large groups. I have literally clocked my HR at 126 the very second I have turned on my HRM in group situations and up to 30 bpm less when alone.

My knee didn't bother me at all running. However, my knee felt some mild discomfort after I stopped.

Later in the day, I was in the grocery store and my GOOD leg began buckling and acting weird. Scared the heck out of me and then it dawned on me - I must have been over compensating on it to make up for the bad knee. Oops. Luckily that weirdness only lasted an hour or so.

RECOVERY STUFF:  I got home and did all my PT recommended exercises. That is five movements and the IT rolling.  I HATE rolling my IT band. No. Really. I absolutely positively can not STAND rolling my IT band.. I would rather go to the dentist. It is awful. It is pain. It is evil. It is horrid.

But, an hour later I felt GREAT! I felt like I could have gone out and run another two miles. Maybe three.

I still hate it though. ;)

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