Thursday, February 23, 2012

Track Night - A Funny Thing Happened...

First, all week long I dreaded this workout. It promised to be the most intense yet.

Last week I ran 100% for 100 yards and thought I was going to keel over. Tonight my schedule said I was to run 100% for 400 yards AFTER running over 2 miles total. But I digress.....

After the warm up quarter mile jog, we did some dynamic warm-up routines of high knee runs and butt kick runs along with russian march kicks (leg straight out) and a weird twisty hip thing. I felt very warm and took my sweat shirt off and then off we started for the first routine - 1 mile "Easy" at 80%.

Not even at 100 yards, feeling strong and at peace with the world as I and the pack went off on our laps, my heart rate monitor went ballistic! I looked down totally confused and saw it read: 208 beats per minute (bpm)! 

So there I was dumbfounded and scared to death!  I had felt fine, but I stopped immediately. I didn't even walk. I mean I STOPPED. Was it the Alleve I tried out in the morning? I just stood there with my jaw dropped in shock as others passed me. Then, my heart rate monitor went back down to 144 bpm SO fast that I was equally confounded. So off I went to complete my run and I watched my HR stay low and consistent. Total weirdness.

A lap later I heard a watch alerting warnings that max was passed. I looked at my watch. I was at 152 bpm and mine is set to alert at 180. It wasn't my watch. Then I heard the watch alerting getting closer to me and as it got closer, my watch starting showing MY heart rate accelerating super fast up to 195. Then the runner (a young elite looking male) passed me and my heart rate dropped extremely quickly back to 152.



GOOD NEWS:  I finished the night feeling like I was getting slower with each routine, but looking at my data, I was actually getting faster with each. That makes me hopeful and proud I am on the right track. YAY!!!

GOOD NEWS #2: Although my neck hurt like heck and turning to look behind me was awkward at best, my knee was fine all night.

Here is a comparison of workouts - two weeks apart. One had just individual laps with 60 second rests between. Look at the times of those compared to the ones last night with multiple laps.


  1. How in the WORLD did it pick up someone else's HR???? That's freaky!

  2. Heather, I told the coach that and he said some of them really do. They are getting better now at preventing that, but that the older ones still will. I found that there is an optional "Premium" belt/receiver for mine that will eliminate other signals and interference. Reading more I found that even power-lines, wireless signals, cordless phones and electric motors can cause erratic readings too on mine.