Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Confusing Night at the Track

I am still reeling from something a coach said to me tonight at the track. Let's just say it was devastatingly heartbreaking to hear and after HOURS of tears, I wrote the Head Coach and asked him if I can please have an hour of his time. I would even pay for it. I just need answers.

The good: I met some nice runners at the track, albeit most of us 5k group runners were walking around dazed and confused. It didn't help being told, well this IS geared towards the marathon runners. After all, WE signed up for, registered for, paid for a 5k training course.

Maybe all those new runners who paid the same sign up costs as the marathoners might need more help, not less?

Maybe all those nice people may be overweight and "not fit enough" for your tastes, but they want to learn and they are there to get fit. I mean, that IS the name of this course, isn't it?

The Good: my knee was stiff but didn't hurt for the 1.5 miles tonight. Not until I stopped and walked. Then it throbbed and burned. Bad. I had tears and even asked the Physical Therapist if she could give me a "quick knee stretch to do" and was told no. "we will all do stretching together" and yes, I told her I was in pain (and let her know pre-run I was knee injured, just like she told me to do Monday night so "we can work something out"). So, I waited in pain for the other runners before our stretches. None of which were knee specific. She said afterwards that the quads, hips, calves, and hamstrings "are all tied to" the knees so they help.

And with all that....what I was told tonight was so much worse. Confusing. Scary. Depressing. Frustrating. I was told that my heart rate being over the age formula charts means I might need to just be a walker "until you get fit".

Meanwhile, my perceived exertion rates are still saying I am fine.

Meanwhile, I still have an athletes resting heart rate according to my doctor, of 53.

I wonder why the knee felt fine running and hurt so bad during the cool down walk.

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