Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oops! Missed group this morning

I had a rough week with neck pain, vertigo and an ear ache which all led to a very sleep deprived and cranky me. This morning I slept in and missed group. Not gonna lie - the sleep felt AMAZING! Still had the ear ache and vertigo, but the neck spasm is gone!

When I looked outside I saw it was drizzling out, and there were very scattered white flakes coming down.

Group was running just 2 miles today as an 'recovery' week run so I got out side in the cold miserable muck and hit the asphalt.

Ran 2.24 miles, walked 2 minutes, then being far from home, walked and jogged the rest of the way home, and up my hill. I had thought I would go for three miles but just didn't have it in me today. Not sure what happened. At least I met the group run distance with a decent pace average.

Total distance: 2.69 miles

  • 2.24 miles - average moving pace of 11:44 
  • 0.45 miles - walking and a slog up hill with an average moving pace of 15:00 (it was really really steep)

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