Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On The Road Again!

Today was the first workout of the 5K running course I had signed up for awhile back.

I went to the orientation last night and was really jazzed and ready to try running tonight. The coach had uploaded a simple workout for the 5K'ers to do tonight: Run 5 "easy" minutes then walk 5 minutes (rinse - lather - repeat) for 30 minutes.

Two weeks ago I would have re-enrolled in the 10K or half marathon course if I had gotten that workout. However, with this injury/recovery, I was very grateful tonight for the super easy routine. The coach said I can move up to another training group if/when fully recovered and at speed again.

Tonight was my FIRST time running in 12 days.

I can tell I lost muscle/strength during my recovery period. I guess that is expected when you go from walking 2 to 3 miles a day and running three times a week to hobbling about with a gimpy knee. It also explains the rapid weight loss I had the last week.
  • My max stride two weeks ago was 84. Tonight it was 70. 
  • My quads felt as if I was trying to run with lead feet in mud.
  • My knees felt surprisingly good considering, with only slight tingling on the bad knee during the last set.
  • My heart rate average was 132 with a max of 153 - super easy cardio-wise.
  • I never broke into a sweat (no towel or sweat band required).
Good news is that 2 hours later I still feel no pain. Tomorrow night will be the first GROUP night with the other runners.