Thursday, January 26, 2012

Demoralizing Week

Can someone please define "Rest"? I am faithfully icing my knee, taking my meds and being a slug. But does that mean not walking a mile at a time at break? I didn't realize how active I was before my injury. I was walking up to 3 one mile walks a DAY on top of my runs. Now? I use my break time at work to prop my leg up and ice the knee.

It isn't comfortable sitting with my knees at a 90* angle for 9 hours a day. My knee feels tight at work. I stand slowly for smooth fluid motion.

I had slight burning today, but was wondering if that was left over from last night when I tried pedaling an exercise bike at Sears that I wanted to try out (stupid me).

Am I right to not be stretching my knee, or should I be stretching it? If so, how? How long? How far?

My running class starts on February 4th. Will I be strong enough to start running again then without causing serious/added injuries to my knee?

How far back are these one and a half weeks going to set me back in my running base? What if I have to go longer without running? Will I be able to run a mile? Two? How long until I am back to three?

I have been taking all my supplements, glucosamine and eating tons of blueberries. I am trying not to gain a ton of weight now that I have cut out burning off an extra 300-800 calories a day.

This is so incredibly depressing. It is so hard to see runners every day, and to remember how it felt and to worry that it might be a while before I am back to where I was.

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  1. Commenting the next day: I felt great until after sitting at my desk two hours. I went out and walked a half mile. I usually bust through a fast one mile but didn't want to set my healing back and I took the half nice and slow. A part of me was so excited to be out and moving but another part was frustrated beyond belief to be moving so slowly.

    Then came the long wait after - was the walk going to trigger pain? Was I going to pay for getting out on a gentle stroll?

    Happy to report that as if twelve hours later I don't believe I am feeling any more or any less tightness in my knee from the walk. I still feel some, but it is no more than I felt before my half mile adventure at break time.