Sunday, January 8, 2012

5K RACE - More Cowbell!

Foggy morning for the Battle Ground Resolution Run. At 10:00am it was a balmy 31.0 degrees for me and the other runners. The proceeds of this run were for the local Fire Departments cadet programs and what a great event they put on. There was a hot air balloon, awesome live DJ with mega speakers playing classic rock and pop, and a lot of booths and displays. The mood was festive and I felt a bit alone not knowing a single person there. I am hoping that when I begin the 20 week running course I will meet others and then know SOME one at these great events.

The Run: This is the flattest course I have run yet so I was expecting (and got) a PR. However, it didn't come easy.

I somehow lost my head and was keeping up with the Jones's in the first half mile. Then, finding volunteers at the farthest southern/eastern corner of the race route clanging cowbells had me laughing and cheering and running even harder. Then I started getting yelled at by my Heart Rate Monitor waaaaay too soon. I keep it set for a PEAK of 180 to warn me when approaching overdoing it. In the past, I felt ill running at 186-191 so I want to avoid that for now.

The HRM went off a few times in the first two miles but I just backed off my pace a bit and it immediately corrected itself. The one road we took (Parkway) was a rough road with no shoulder and at times, no sidewalk. It also had a slight incline. I was grateful for the water table at the end of that road.

We trudged on and at one corner at 2.75 miles there were more cowbell ringers. There, thinking the cowbells indicated a turn, I followed the runners in front of me onto a road that we weren't supposed to take. We did quick u-turns and got back on course. Coming around the complex it was a battle for me to run smart verses sprinting in (and as I felt a tad lightheaded/dehydrated here I decided to listen to my HRM).

Taking the very last turn I saw the Finish Line route was lined with cheerers and more cowbells!!!

And....the DJ was playing one of my most favorite dance songs EVER - Brick House by the Commodores!  Loud!

I guess it was a lack of oxygen to the brain or something, but I started singing and DANCING my way in to the finish line. THEN I saw a camera man had been taking pictures. *face palm*

I loved the people of this race. I WILL do this one again. After I was done I went and cheered others on before leaving.

Me - Post race

The Good: I broke my 5K time AND my average pace!
The Bad: I ran with a viral infection so this was just a hard one - that should have been easy.
The Ugly: Did I mention lack of oxygen causing uninhibited dancing to the finish line?

  • Foggy and 31 degrees at 10:00am. 
  • 99%  humid
  • No rain or precipitation.
  • Running under winter bare trees, little ice pellets were falling as the ice thawed off branches
  • No wind
    TIME: 38:03 - PR!
    PACE: 12:16 - PR!
    ELEVATION DIFF: 20 feet (felt like more)
    AVG HR: 178 bpm (typically 175-178 per race but 10 bpm more than non-race)
    MAX HR: 186 bpm  (oops!)
    AVG Cadence: 75 strikes pm
    MAX Run Cadence:
    83 strikes pm
    171.0 lbs

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