Sunday, January 15, 2012

P8 - New Custom Treadmill Interval Program

Last Thursday night, I accidentally deleted my P7 custom interval program. But, over the last three days I began suspecting that was actually a good thing. Maybe it was too fast/too much incline/too soon. At least my body was trying to tell me that since Thursday!

Today I created a custom workout that has a max 10:04 pace. That is several minutes faster than my race pace. Although the P7 had much faster paced intervals (9's) and more inclines more often, it also included intervals of walking. This new program I created has no walking after the first three all. The Garmin data below is from the run intervals after warm-up only.

This custom workout I created today has THREE paces after the 3 minute warm-up. A jog, my average race pace, and a speed pace of 10's. The three paces were alternated at one minute each.

Total Running Time: 28:43 minutes

Average pace: 12:46 minute mile
Average max pace in every 3 minute interval: 10:17 minute mile (10:04 being the fastest)
Average heartrate: 167 bpm
Max heartrate: 171 bpm (very good! I would have thought it was nearer to 180 the way I felt)
Average cadence*:   72 spm
Max cadence*:  77 spm
Weight: 173.4 (after days binging on CHEESE! CHEESE! GLORIOUS CHEESE! on everything)

*Garmin foot pod was worn with the forerunner 210 monitor/watch. 

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