Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random Pain Spasms on Outer Knee

It is about a day and a half after the workout I hurt myself on. I have been wearing my brace, applying ice, taking my two scripts faithfully . The doctor gave me Naproxen 500 mg tablet twice a day to fight swelling and Baclofen 10 mg twice a day to relax the muscles in the knee area.

Last night I started getting gasp-inciting occasional spasms of pain on the outer right knee.

They are VERY random. They have happened when sitting with the knee bent, and when sitting with the knee extended out on a hassock. They have happened when I awake and when asleep. Likewise, they have happened when wearing the brace and when not wearing it. Once every three hours or three times within a fifteen minute segment.

First one I felt today was in the shower when I turned my right foot inward. WHAMO!

I am very pigeon toed when standing. It is always the right foot in. But when I run I have trained myself to conscientiously keep my feet straight.  HOWEVER - Is it possible in my concerted efforts to lean forward and land midsoled that I didn't remember to keep my foot straight and might have turned pigeon toes when landing midsole????  I doubt it as I was REALLY focusing on my landings, but then again, it was a fast furious pace (jarring) and maybe I turned in enough to have twisted the knee as well as cause jumping impact injuries to the patellar tendon?

Looking forward to getting real answers at the appointment Monday morning (day after tomorrow) but scared as HELL to endure the poking and prodding and testing....and of what the results could be.

UDATE AT 9:27PM:  I haven't had ANY pain spasms in hours now. Also - can you say RUNNING WITHDRAWALS?!?!? How am I going to go 9 more days without running? We drove by one of my running routes today and I felt such as strong pull to get out of the car and take it home instead. NOT running is going to be so hard to do. I hope I don't get too snarky at loved ones and clients.

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