Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Took Andressen Hill tonight!

There is a hill in my area that I hadn't been able to run non-stop yet. Tonight after work I just didn't feel like getting on the treadmill so I put on my headlamp, reflective jacket and off I went into the darkness for a 2.5 mile lap around my neighborhood. Because of the darkness and heavy traffic, I did spend a lot of time on sidewalks as our streets in the area are very narrow. I tried to land softly but still, my knees and shins felt it a bit. Won't do that again for quite awhile.

There were three significant inclines tonight (and I took them all without stopping) but taking Andressen Hill made me want to shout and dance!  I took it! I took it!! ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME.

  • Took three steep inclines and still ran an 12:40 average pace (4 seconds faster than my best race pace)
  • I took Andressen Hill (I am going to keep saying that all week - humor me)
  • I only dropped cadence one (taking the first hill, waiting for cars to pass to cross the road). My cadence stayed very consistent even on the two bigger hills)
  • My average heart rate was 168! WOW! How did THAT happen? YAY ME!

  • Too much time on sidewalks pounding concrete. I felt it after and am hoping I didn't cause any injuries. Will take it very easy the next two days at least.

Weight:  172.6

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