Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cross Training - Bought a Bike

My knee is feeling better every day and my 20 week Training Course is getting closer and closer. Orientation is just two nights away and the first group workout is next Saturday.

A few days ago the coach sent us an email that included instructions for adding cross training to our 20 week course. Since I don't like aerobic classes, and I don't want to have to drive to the snow every time I want to do my cross training, that narrowed it down to swimming, bicycling and stair climbing. First, I had no desire to swim in a public pool, so that narrowed it down to bicycling and stair climbing. After researching which was best for persons with knee challenges, and which would help strengthen the outer legs most, I chose bicycling.

EVERY one I spoke to about bikes recommended Performance Bikes in Portland. Now I know why. First, they have bikes. LOTS of bikes!!!

Second and even more importantly, their salesmen KNOW bikes and they never tried to make a high dollar sale off me. Based on information I read when I got home, unknown to me at the time, he was showing me exactly what I was asking for! They were all great there and the bike is so much nicer than any bike I had ever owned before. It made that Schwinn mountain bike I had in the desert feel like a five ton slug in comparison. 

I can't wait to take it out for a real spin!!! Until then, I am still resting my knee so I can start running next Saturday with my training group.

Fuji Hybrid Road Bike - Absolute 3.0
"The Fuji Absolute series of hybrid bikes are made for commuting, fitness and distance riding"

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