Friday, January 6, 2012

Gently Running Through Twinges

Still feeling occasional tightness and twinges in the hamstrings and shins from Tuesday nights over doing it. I was nervous about doing any running tonight. What if I make it worse? What if I should have had a third day of rest after overdoing it Tuesday night? What if I didn't run tonight -would I be ready Sunday morning?

Got on the treadmill prepared to stop at any time I felt pain. Turned it on to a low speed (4.0) and ran very gently and slowly. Any slower and I would have been race-walking. I paid attention to posture (more than usual) and keeping my hips and knees aligned straight. When I started getting lazy and sloppy I felt the twinges and weakness in my quads and behind the knees again. I quickly realigned and straightened. My guess is I pulled some muscles a bit taking that really steep hill Tuesday night when I was exhausted. I bet I was running sloppy up it.

Funny. I actually felt better after that 2 mile light run than I had the last two days. Hoping that I made the right decision.

Did 4 different clamshell exercises on each leg (5 each) after the run tonight to strengthen my outer hip and ITB. The physical therapist I saw yesterday morning for something else threw in a sheet of them when I told her I had knee/ITB concerns.

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