Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 minutes 16 seconds: NONSTOP :)

I was going to just run 20 minutes but since I missed a workout due to the flu two days ago I figured I had some making up time to do.

I put on a 30 minute songlist and made myself keep running until the end of the last song. Thankfully I didn't have any more songs on that playlist!!!

Yeah, I ran indoors today. It is a sauna out there. Shelby ran outdoors and said her hands swelled up. If it had been me who ran outside I probably would have keeled over and woke up to some cute young paramedic leaning over me who was thinking to himself, "These old ladies really ought to know better".

And being real here, there is no shame in a 30 minute run on a treadmill. That is still a huge improvement over my first weeks. Step by step - I am getting there!

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