Tuesday, September 13, 2011

31 Minutes Nonstop

Last night I got an email response to my last blog. My friend Yaish offered some advice on breathing and provided a link about "High Intensity Interval Training". In HIIT, a runner would alternate "30-40 seconds of jogging or walking with 15-20 seconds of hard sprinting." I thought that I would do a 1:1 ratio instead of a 2:1 ratio and see how that worked.

For the first 16 minutes straight: I alternated one minute intervals of a light jog with a full minute at the fastest full out sprints I could do. This was really helpful and I was finally was able to exhale out smoothly. Of course, that might not work at two sprint minutes, but I will get there. Thanks, Yaish.

For the next 15 minutes straight: I went to my comfortable jog mode. At the 23 minute mark I was READY TO QUIT. Those intervals earlier wore me out. Then I thought about my Facebook friend Richard. He weighs over 300 pounds, and is out there walking 2 to 3 miles during the hottest times of the day while I am indoors in a dust free, wind free, sun free climate. How DARE I give up! So thinking about Richard working so hard inspired me to work hard. In fact, I even threw in another FULL SPRINT interval at minute #28. Thanks, Richard.

  • Walked 3 miles at work (1 mile per break)
  • Ran 31 minutes non-stop indoors
  • Had my first success in deep breathing
  • Felt my jeans sagging in the hips area today

  • Start losing the pounds so I can run on asphalt (doctor set my goal at 16 to 21 more pounds)
  • Keep working on breathing

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