Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Beast Revisited

Today was my second attempt to take a certain hill in Oregon. My PT and my sports doc BOTH told me that I am not to run down any steep sections of hills so I fully expected my total time to be significantly slower than last months run on the same route.

The Good:

  • The weather held out for me, AGAIN! We had a light sprinkle but it was light enough that I never got wet. Can my luck hold out through the Shamrock? I hear that is a WET race.
  • I walked twice on my way up last month. I only had to walk once going up today.
  • I didn't need to start walking until I hit 1.4 miles. That was a tenth of a mile further up the steep section than at the same spot last month.
  • The store that holds our group runs had a table with water and gummy bears at the top of my run. I ate a red bear and didn't feel guilty at all.
  • On the way back down I was disciplined enough to do as I was told and I walked down the two steepest slopes (approximately totaling a little over half a mile between them) even though I really really wanted to run knees are happy about that.
  • This was the first time on the hill I took the time to enjoy my surroundings and I saw how high up the hill I really was. It was beautiful to see the river and the city of Portland below me.
  • Back down in the city I was running past a black reflective store front and looked and saw a runner....ME. I was feeling really strong there and I broke out into a giggle and a spontaneous fist pump. 
The Eh:
  • I didn't make it all the way up without walking. But that's okay. I still walked less going up than last month. :)

Even though I walked down two significant sections on the way back down to protect my knees, my total time was: 44:15. That is just 10 seconds slower than last month, even with the addition of having to walk down during what was last months fastest sections. WOOHOO!!

TIME TO REACH THE TOP:  23:09 minutes.

TIME TO REACH THE BOTTOM: 21:08 minutes (includes walking two stretches totaling app a little more than a half mile)

Weather: 46 degrees with occasional light sprinkles

Here is the blog documenting my first attempt.


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