Saturday, March 24, 2012

Increasing Mileage - It Can Only Get Better

This is a long one. But, being as it is my longest run outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, I am going to allow myself.

My promise to myself was that after the Shamrock run, I would start increasing my mileage for the 10K that I registered to run the end of May and the Half Marathon in October. This morning though, I slept in and didn't get to group this morning (I really hate that Saturday group is at 8am on my only day to sleep in and that they are in Portland!!!!) so I drove alone to the Vancouver River Front and decided to see if I could run 4 miles today.

First, let's say that this morning was a morning that would make Murphy's Law proud!

  • I slept in - by two hours.
  • I woke up with a bug bite on the inside of my wrist (I never get bug bites)
  • I went into the clean kitchen and found ants on the counter, the floor and the sink
  • I quarreled with my husband
  • I got to the park and needing one, was dismayed to find the bathrooms were locked up
  • I began running and 4 minutes into my run my HR went up to my max. My exertion didn't feel bad (other than a full bladder) but I was going up hill in the warmest weather I have run in this year, so I slowed down. And then I slowed some more. And then I walked. 
  • My heart rate kept going way up and way down. I got frustrated with all this slowing down to walk.
  • I reached my favorite part of the trail (I used to walk it - never ran this) and there was chain link fencing and detour signs. Dammit!
  • I got to a location that I have always seen outhouses at, and today, there were none.
  • At 20 minutes in I was running on a jetty out into the river and the strong winds from the Columbia River gorge were whipping my shirt around - I felt static electricity and my heart-rate monitor jumped up to over 200 while barely moving. 
I finally figured out that I had forgot to insure my monitor strap was on tight and the sensors adequately moistened. DOH!!!!! I walked off the trail, pulled off my top (I was wearing a jog bra underneath it) and tightened the strap and moistened the sensors. Miracle of miracles. My heart rate became NORMAL and stayed NORMAL from that point on. *beats self on the side of the head*

I ran on through Wintler Park and straight to the bathrooms. They too, were locked up! Trying to ignore my need to answer the call of nature, I ran to the trails end and then ran along the shore until that too disappeared.

Heading back though, I stopped to take swigs of Gatorade and to take a picture here and there. Coming back to where my car was parked, I realized I needed more running time to get a full 4.0 miles so I lapped around that park a little. That worked. I got my 4 miles. I really like round numbers. Unless it is 3 miles. Then that has to be 3.1 miles.

My Garmin says I ran 4.02 miles. MapmyRide says it was 4.3 miles. I am going with the Garmin.

How did that 4 miles feel? Everything was mentally HARD from the first 4 minutes on.

Then after 3 miles it got physically hard. My heartrate/breathing were fine but my legs just wouldn't lift themselves like I was wanting them to. Was this a 'wall'? Was this just the new distance? Was this Murphy's law? Was this a full bladder? Was this my only having half of a Odwalla pre-made smoothie for breakfast? Was this just ONE OF THOSE DAYS?

Proud I finished, I headed off to the local running store. They were having their spring sale today and I needed a new hat (that breathes, thank you) and new shoes (one for rain, one for dry). I went in on my way home and took advantage of the price reductions. Got a new running bra, too!! WOOHOO! After losing 20 pounds, it was time for a new one. I deserved it. ;)

Goal for next saturday: Run 4 miles with a better time and less stops and mishaps than today. 
Weight: 166.0
Weather: Dry, blue skies with scattered clouds, 45 degrees. WARM!
Knees: No problems while running. Only discomfort was when I was scrubbing floors when I got home.
Legs: Heavier than concrete when running. No post run discomfort.

Pictures taken en route with my iPhone 
(one of the reasons my time was dismal - but I enjoyed the views so that is okay)

The Trail heading east of the first park



I ran out this and back twice today

At the VERY end of the trail, I kept following the shore until it ended.
You can see my shadowed hand holding my water bottle.

Headed back west

On the way back

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