Thursday, March 15, 2012


It finally happened. I ran in rain.

Not mist. Not a scattered shower. But full on steady heavy RAIN. And it was a COLD rain with a windchill of 41 degrees that felt colder to me than I ever felt running in the dry 30's. Something about rain hitting you in strong winds that makes it feel icy.

I wasn't sure how to dress for this, so I had several changes of clothing in my bag. I almost wore shorts, but opted for my long Nike running pants with the cute flared ankles. I knew I needed my green jacket as it is the only one I have with a hood. It doesn't have a flap in the back for breath-ability but it has netting all over inside to act as a layer between me and the jacket. I almost just wore just a jog bra under that, but I run with some really fit and good looking people. I am just not there yet in case I needed to take the jacket off.

I almost wore long sleeves like the books suggest, but that non-breathable jacket scared me. After I warm up, I often run in just short sleeved thin T's in temps in the 30's. I heat up FAST. Like I told our coach when she noted me being one of the first to shed layers a week or two ago, I have more insulating layers built in than most fit runners wear. 34% body fat of layers!

So, I opted for a really light wicking tech-material tank top. Chose my old running shoes and left my newer ones in the bag. Added my rain baseball cap by Outdoor research and drove to the track.

Got there, and sat in my car. With the windshield wipers and defroster/heater cranked. And had a pity party. And an a bit of anxiety. All that water! I was starting to get excited when no one else was there by ten till six.

But that didn't last long. I am surprised how many did make it! And they got out of their cars! LOL

I joined them. It was the hardest workout we have had yet for tempo runs and it just made it more interesting that the track was soaked.  Within 30 minutes my rain "resistant" jacket was stuck to my bare arm's like a wet plastic trash bag. It was gross. I got really warm on the upper half and took the hood off but the strong winds were creating a drag with it. I put it back on. I watched as rain was pouring off the bill of my cap and as it was flung forward off my shoes as I ran. I felt a burning feeling across the top of my thighs and when I got home I saw they were brilliant red. My feet were soaked. My socks and shoes a dripping mess. Good thing I wore my OLD shoes tonight.

Between all the blasted tempo laps and four 100 yard '100%' sprints, I ran a total of 3.52 miles in our hour session. Told the husband that when I got home there better be hot water. There was. I love that man.

There is a hilly 5K I am running Sunday morning with 32,499 other people. It is supposed to be cold, and very wet. Next time, I will be better prepared. I will have Bodyglide for my legs.

Stats so I can look back a year from now when I feel like I am not improving and need an ego boost:

  • Average Pace on the four 100 yard sprints INCLUDING the light jog back:  10:03
  • Best Pace on the four 100 yard sprints INCLUDING the light jog back:  5:46
  • Average Pace on the 3+ miles of combined laps: 11:17 (slow, but still faster than my 5K race pace!)
  • Best Pace on the  3+ miles of combined laps:  9:22
  • Weight: 166.6 
  • Body Fat: 34%* (down another 2%!!!)

*tested morning AND night on Saturday the 10th (I always test on the tenth)

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  1. FABulous job!!!! Welcome to the world of running in the rain. lol This time of year, it's going too happen. It's either run in it...or not at all (for me). I don't do treadmills. :)